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PRIVATE FLOTILLA SAILING HOLIDAY (for bigger groups of family and friends)

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Chartering a private sailing boat doesn’t have to restrict you with the number of people, therefore, if you have a lot of people waiting to be invited – don’t be discouraged to organize this spectacular holiday. With a private flotilla you get the best of it – being together when you want, and separating on your own boat when you need privacy. No matter how big your family or circle of best friends is – that’s how many boats you can rent.

Maybe it’s your 50th birthday or 20th wedding anniversary, or maybe you just come from a huge family or are surrounded by a big circle of close friends and are looking to create some new memories you will never forget – you are at the right place! We have a fleet of different sized boats that are fully equipped to the tiniest detail that you can combine for your private flotilla sailing holiday. And in case you don’t want different sized boats, we also have a few identical boats in our fleet!

For years and years at Christmas lunch (and basically any other family and friends gathering) you will talk about that hilarious jump in the sea by uncle John, the ‘super funny’ dad joke that made you snort-laugh (maybe it wasn’t that funny – but you were on holiday, you had a few glasses of wine and - life was good!), the time you put up the sails and raced your father-in-law... The last to arrive had to prepare dinner and do ALL the dishes!

On the other hand – maybe you prefer something a bit quieter and more private, but still want to travel with another family of dear friends – then you could also rent multiple boats and at the same time have the best time together and your private time too.

The best part about this type of holiday is that you can choose how much time you want to be together since each boat gives you privacy and you are not dependent on each other. You can be together 24/7. You can meet up every evening and have dinner together. You can split for a day (or two, or three…) and then all get together and share your stories and experiences. You can spend half the week all together and half the week separately, just with your family – or have the same plan every second day of the week and all meet up… the combinations are infinite and which is even better- nothing has to be planned in advance since your skippers are always flexible and will do everything they can to make your wishes come true! Let’s be honest – we love our friends and family to bits but sometimes you just need your alone time. And that is exactly what you get with this kind of holiday.

Maybe you are not the biggest fan of historical buildings – I mean, they are really something to see, you just don’t need to know every historical detail known from the past XXX years – but your wife does. On the other hand, she never really learned how to ride a bicycle and isn’t too interested in that bicycle tour of the island you are so excited about. Well, no problem at all – you can go on a bicycle tour with your best friend, she can go sightseeing with her sister-in-law, grandma can go wine tasting with Sarah, the young adults can stay and chill on the boat… and everyone is happy!

There is no fixed route (unless you want one) – you are the writers of your sailing adventure! That’s the main difference between a classic flotilla and a private flotilla. Instead of following the main captain every day of your sailing holiday, you can choose your own route. And instead of being surrounded by strangers, the boats around you are filled with only your favorite people in the world!

From our experience another great thing is that it somehow just happens naturally that each boat becomes a specialized zone – one is the party boat, one the chill and relax zone, one is the boat for teenagers and their music…

And just imagine the stories your kids will have – with their cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents, your best friend’s kids…

If you are looking for a unique sailing experience, filling your albums with photos full of tanned, good-looking happy people, stories to tell and laugh at Christmas lunch – contact us. We know how complicated it can get when you have to synchronize the travel plans for a big group and how tiring it can get to think about so many details. But we’ve done it so many times and we are here to help you every step of the way – matching you with the perfect boats and amazing skippers, helping with route ideas, grocery shopping, organizing transfers, handling of luggage… and anything else you might need!


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