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Ivana Jurić

Hello everybody, I am Ivana, and I founded this little company almost 19 years ago (OMG, where did the time go?!) In the beginning, I was mainly working alone, learning everything there is to learn about boats and chartering. And little did I know that it would all grow and I’d be able to surround myself with family and friends, thus fulfilling my greatest wish- to be truly happy with my job and enjoy the company of the people around me, day after day. And really, isn’t it a blessing- we all have to spend at least a third of our lives working, so why not making it relaxing and fun for everybody?! To be completely honest, my amazing team now overtook almost all of the hard work from my shoulders, which means I can just supervise, and spend more and more time doing fun stuff- sailing, travelling, partying and dancing. To cut the long story short, I am here to make everybody happy, to make sure you, our guests, feel like home on our boats, to share with you my love for our beautiful country, and to help you get the most of every single day you plan to spend with us... #samoljubav


Ozren Marušić

Hi guys, I am Oz, the one from Ivana & Ozren, and I am a wizard and a conductor standing in front of this beautiful orchestra, at all times thinking three steps ahead and making sure that every part, every little note is in tune. But it wasn’t always like that; when I started school nobody realized I was highly dyslectic, they just thought I was ‘special’- for hours sitting in my room alone and thinking about things that didn’t interest other kids around me. Questions like, how can an airplane fly, what is bigger than the universe, what happens inside a radio when I press the On button and so on. I learnt fluent Italian as a 5 year old just by watching cartoons on tv (in those communist times, our television had only one cartoon a day, so Italian ones were much more interesting to me). Understandably, I was horrible at school, giving my parents so much grey hair that they still haven’t forgiven me, and probably never will. And as a result, my whole life I’ve been trying to prove to them, and to the rest of the world, that I can do everything I set my mind on- the harder it was, a bigger challenge it became to me. I did so many different jobs and along the way learned so many different things, and still I am spending so much time learning- a discovery of audio books was a revolution for me, not to mention having guys on youtube talking about literally anything I can think of. Half of my life I spent on and around boats, and still, whenever I need to find my peace, I put up the sails as that is the only way to push out thoughts from my head. You won’t see me a lot on the dock of our marina; I prefer sitting in my car with air-con on, and since everybody else knows what they need to do, driving you to the supermarket and talking to you is my main job in the season. Please just don’t pay too much attention to my politically incorrect jokes and don’t mind if I introduce myself several times a day… #samojako


Karlo Dobrić

Hello there, I am Karlo. Born in Split in 1975; Deyo’s big brother and the oldest in our little team. I guess that it should make me the most responsible one, and yes, I usually take care that the others don’t get carried away in their own worlds, that they drink enough water when running in the sun and that they don’t work too much but also go home from time to time. It feels like I started working the moment I was born, and I changed many different jobs trying to find my place under the sun; from civil engineering, marketing and administration in publishing, even plumbing. After all this – I did the only logical and healthy life step – I started working with my friends, in the best charter company in the Adriatic. And I am still here, planning to stick around until retirement. I have been happily married since I was 18, which is probably why I spend most of my free time at work – in the marina. I have two amazing children who you also might meet, since they spend their free time running around our boats, swimming and having fun with all the other kids. My job is literally everything- I take part in organizing everybody, I do some of the technical and physical work on the boats and I help with the administration – so yes, I am the oldest and I work the most, but usually from behind a curtain, so you won’t see me a lot. All in all, I am here to predict everything that can happen, and make only the good things go through. I love peaceful early mornings in the marina, so I am always the first to come to work; if you are an early bird too, find me for a cup of coffee before everybody else arrives and the working day starts… #samopomalo


Dean Dobrić

Hi, I am Deyo, born on the first day of summer of 1978, in Split. Already in primary school I realized I would need to find a job that includes working with my hands, and I am generally fixing everything everywhere I come; my friends just invite me for coffee, and I somehow end up repairing their vacuum cleaner or hanging pictures on their walls. I spent a few years working in civil engineering, but I can’t say I was happy, so I decided to join my friends and begin the adventure of my life – working with boats in a little local marina and not having to travel anywhere because people from all over the world now come to me. The first half of every day I spend maintaining boats and the second half I spend trying to make my beautiful red-head girlfriend Valentina happy (you’ll probably meet her too, she is always close by). Ok, ok, I also have some free time that I use to play table tennis with my friends... I am that barefoot, sweaty man with greasy hands walking on the dock, usually carrying huge canisters and your shopping bags. You can stop by to tell me a joke, ask for help with anything, or just give me a beer – to this I never say no. Also, when I am not making jokes, I am here to show you every little detail on our boats and to answer to any question you can think of… #samopivo


Marina Bradarić

Hi everyone, I am Marina, the newest member of our little sailing family. You can remember my name easily, since I am Marina from the marina. I was born and raised in Split and spent my whole life by the sea, so I feel very lucky that after trying out different jobs I finally found my perfect spot under the sun. Even though I blew up our coffee machine on my first day at work, and sprained my ankle on the third (will now forever be known as Cota, a Dalmatian version of ‘Limpy’) my team decided I was cool enough for them. However, they still love making bets on what I will do next, although after I survived my first summer, I guess it is time they stop. I haven’t really expected my life to get me here, but after I got a master’s degree in English and Italian language and literature, (I was supposed to be a teacher), I quickly fell in love with boats and gladly traded a classroom with an office overlooking the sea. Also, I’m still waiting for my letter of admission from Hogwarts. When I am not working, I spend my days chasing after my baby girl Ema, or simply reading. I find it a real piece of magic- getting lost in a good book. Other than reading, I am passionate about travelling and learning about new people and cultures. So please, when you come to our office, tell me something about you and your home country, it will make my day much more fun. My job now is to learn everything I can about boats, sailing, chartering, and most of all, to be Ivana's little helper. This means now I get to spend my time meeting people when they are the happiest, during the preparations and once they come for their holidays. I will be the girl that makes sure your dream holiday comes to life, taking care of every small detail from start to finish. On Saturdays, you will find me running around the marina making sure our guests have everything they need, or in the office typing on my laptop. Even if I might seem busy, feel free to stop me and ask anything that comes to your mind. I always have time for a cup of coffee or even better a cold beer (Ožujsko)... #samopomalo


Josip Parat

I will fill this, I promise!


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