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Sailing: an Eco-Friendly Holiday Choice

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Did you know that by choosing a sailing holiday – you are also making a sustainable, ecofriendly traveling choice?

If it weren’t for this amazing place on earth that was given to Croatia, you probably wouldn’t be dreaming of a sailing holiday here (either the one you have already had or the one you are only just planning). Ideal climate – check. Crystal clear sea – check. Over 1.000 islands – check. Unspoiled nature – check. Quiet bays with pebble beaches, pine forests and in the background crickets chirping – check. Land for growing all those grapes, olives, fruits, vegetables, herbs – check. Domestic wine, olive oil and traditional meals prepared from local products – check. Nature parks and National parks – check. History, culture, and UNESCO sites – check…

The best way to show our gratitude is to give back as much as we take. And although we know it is impossible to even come close to all the abundant gifts of our dear Mother Nature, we can at least try.

So first of all - thank you for choosing a sailing boat. This fully equipped floating apartment will take you to both the most popular places and also the most hidden, secluded places on our coast. Plus, you will always have the room with the sea view, with so many sunrises and sunsets you can catch with your camera – but only you will know just how breathtaking this moment actually was.

Sail boats take it easy – they don’t go against nature, following the wind and currents as much and whenever possible. They gently glide through the sea at the pace that is most comfortable for the sea. And for you. It’s like walking through shallow waters – it is gentle and peaceful, but if you start running, you will fell the sea opposing. You will get there both ways, just by running you will need more energy. Just for comparison, our Bavaria 56 (the biggest in our fleet and in this class of sailing boats) uses approximately 130 liters of fuel weekly while a 52 feet motorboat would use 3.500 liters of fuel for the same number of nautical miles. So, this has quite an impact on both nature and your wallet. And I don’t know, there is something about the feeling of the boat leaning, chasing the wind, bringing you so close to the sea, feeling the salty seawater gently splash your skin… Summer, please hurry up!

One more impact you have and probably didn’t think of – sailing boats don’t make a lot of noise, so you are also being polite to all the wildlife out there. If you are lucky to come across a family of dolphins while sailing, they just might join you and thank you with a little show, jumping around the boat and swimming along it for fun.

The journey from one bay to another might take longer than with a motor boat – but you know what they say – the journey is just as important as reaching the destination. So read that book you have been dying to read for months. Play your favorite song on the outside speakers, have a beer and dance like nobody is watching – because nobody is. Have an afternoon nap under the shade, caressed by the sea breeze. Catch that tan you need for all the Instagram photos. Have a coffee and chat to your skipper about everyday life. And just take it easy – or how we would say in Dalmatia: ‘Pomalo!’.

This is one of the most often used words in Dalmatia. This is how we greet each other when passing by, wishing each other a relaxed, easy day.

Another way to feel like a local is to buy local. You will come across green markets in every island town where you will find fruits, vegetables, olive oil, honey, lavender essential oils, herbs… and the grandma’s hands that will give you your change back are the same hands that picked those huge, juicy peaches and that sewed that little lavender cushion for your suitcase that you just bought. All the local products are treated with nothing more than sunshine and water. They aren’t part of massive production, they don’t use tons of plastic for packaging and delivery, they don’t have a great Co2 impact… And you will enjoy in a myriad of new smells and tastes of the domestic and natural surroundings. At the check-in, we give you a few reusable shopping bags that you can use during your sailing week – so you are even participating in reducing plastic pollution <3

During your sailing week, you will be getting from one island to another by boat, so you will very rarely use other means of transportation such as buses, taxies, cars… and when and if you do, it will be for shorter relations. You will walk around the historic towns on the islands, maybe go hiking in some amazing nature spots, and explore some bays rowing in the dinghy, the stand-up paddle board or kayak. There will be a lot of swimming, acrobatic jumps in the sea (do not forget to video these majestic moments), snorkeling, diving for shells… So, don’t hold back on trying all our delicacies, it is a bit more difficult to put on vacation weight on a sailing holiday.

All our boats have solar panels, so the electricity you use on the boat is mostly powered by the sun. And since you will spend most of the day barefoot, in your swimsuits, tanned and with some amazing salty beach waves in your hair, you will actually be saving water too. Talking about water, just knowing that you have a limited supply in the tanks make you save without even thinking about it. When you are washing up, taking a shower or brushing your teeth, you naturally spend less on a boat.

As you can see, there are so many ways of making a change without even having to think about it. Many little steps… And I am sure you have other ways of making the world a better place. Thank you for your help 😊


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