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Sailing in August

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

If you can relate to at least half of the following statements – August just might be the perfect month for your sailing holiday in Croatia!

1. I looooove hot summer days. If you are one of those people who just loooove hot summer

days, and you plan to swim a lot, catch a tan everyone will ask about when you get home, and spend most of your days in nothing more than your swimsuit - August is the perfect month for you to sail in Croatia. Yes, the temperatures can get high, but on the boat, far away from the hot city asphalt, with a perfect little sea breeze, the temperature will feel just right. The average high-temperature is a warm 29.5°C (85.1°F). And don’t forget, you are always just a jump away from a refreshment in our beautiful crystal-clear Adriatic Sea. You won’t even have to check the temperature of the sea with your pinky toe, you can just jump straight in. August is the month with the warmest seawater with an average of 24.8°C (76.6°F).

2. I’m all about sunbathing, swimming in a beautiful bay, relaxing on a lilo with a cold beer in my hand. Of course you are! You run around every day – go to work, do the groceries, visit your mum, walk the dog, cook a healthy dinner, do homework with the kids, make some time for yourself and the love of your life, drink enough water, have a social life, do your yoga, answer all your emails and messages… you deserve this little change of lifestyle. Before you set sail, we can help you with provisioning and you can fill up the boat fridge with your favorite drinks and snacks.

3. I love meeting new people. August is the peak of the season, so it can get crowded with tourists who are here to have the best time possible. Everyone is relaxed and in a good mood – ready to make friends from all over the world. And when you feel like some alone time, no worries at all! Our islands are fill of bays and beaches, and we know some hidden, quieter ones we will happily recommend.

4. I live an active life. Some days it might get too hot for hiking or cycling, but August is great for diving, kayaking, swimming, paddle boarding and for trying out something new like windsurfing or kiting in Bol (Brač). In the evenings, when the sun goes down, all life wakes up in the little towns on the islands where you can explore historical sights, restaurants, taverns, bars, watch local performers…

5. I want a sailing boat holiday for more than just the sailing. Maybe it’s your first time or maybe it’s your families first time – and you just want some gentle winds for some relaxing sailing, to see how everybody breathes. August is usually a month with a lot of sun, high temperatures (of air and sea), with verry little (if not nonexistent) rain, strong winds and big waves. So, if you just want to get a taste of sailing, there is a generally gentle wind called Maestral that blows almost every afternoon. The land warms up faster than the sea, creating a difference in pressure that then creates wind, without big waves, just perfect for some time under the open sails.

6. I am not the biggest fan of traffic jams and busy ferry ports. Really? Are you sure? The great thing about spending your holiday on a sailing boat in August is that you will get to visit so many different islands, bays, historical little towns and villages, amazing restaurants and taverns… and you will very rarely use other means of transportation such as buses, taxies, cars… and when and if you do, it will be for shorter relations. Being the peak of the season, it can get crowded especially in traffic, but spending your holiday on a sailboat, you get to avoid

all the waiting and lines. And also, getting from one place to another by a sailboat is not a transfer – it’s a journey!

7. I live to eat. But even if you eat to live. You can explore the restaurants and taverns on the islands – from the busier, more popular places to the more remote, family run restaurants where the food is prepared in front of you! More about food you can check out the blog Dalmatian food. August is the season of green salad, peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, figs, cherries, peaches, nectarines, watermelons, melons… all of which you will find in green markets on the islands! Cool down a fresh, juicy peach or watermelon in the refrigerator as the perfect refreshment on a hot, summer day.

8. Music festivals, concerts and events – yes please! Being the peak of the season, no matter what you are looking for – you will find it! From classical concerts, traditional dances such as Folklor or Moreška (a traditional dance with swards from the town of Korčula on the island Korčula), Ribarske fešte (Fisherman’s nights) held in almost every little town on the islands where a local band will be playing, and the locals and tourists come together to dance, sing, eat fried fish and drink local beer and wine… then for art lovers you will come across so many little local art galleries and also exhibitions of local artists. For those who are more into some modern sounds – there are parties, festivals and clubs to explore!

9. Nightlife and bars are my thing – Summer is the time of the year when the sleepy island towns come to life. Some islands are more popular than others as the place to be if you like to party, but on every island, you will find places to bust your best dance moves, meet people from all over the world, and just have a good time! You can try out the different types of local liqueurs and schnapps made from cherry, walnuts, rose, figs, honey... a fun way to try out some of our authentic, local products 😉 For something a bit more easygoing, you will come across bars with good music and great vibes, perfect for a quiet date with your special someone.

10. I love taking photos – for my private collection but also to share on Instagram and Facebook. If you like taking photos of historical sites and architecture, breathtaking nature, yourself and your favorite people – summer in Croatia will be more than inspiring! Just imagine, you will be tanned, the lighting will be perfect from the sun and reflection from the sea – you won’t be needing any filters!


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