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How to Choose the Best Boat for You

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

You have heard about a sailing holiday in Croatia, and would like to explore it, but you have never been on a boat and don't know where to start from...

It is not complicated; follow your budget, the number of people and accommodation preferences.

Check out some tips.

-A boat is, by its nature, quite different in feeling and space organization than a house or a flat. It has everything needed for comfortable living, and you’ll be spending time both in the inside and outside areas. However, it is still somewhat confined in space, plus- you are living in close contact with nature and with other people on the boat. This means that if somebody snores, or you can’t sleep to the sound of crickets- you might want to bring a pair of earplugs. So, the rule is always- the bigger, the better. BUT…

-You should always start by setting your preferred budget. If you can afford more luxury, you could choose one of our bigger boats, like Bavaria 46 or Bavaria 51 Cruiser. Or one of the biggest in class- Bavaria 56 Cruiser, with an extra skipper’s cabin. It is quite cool if you want extra privacy because your skipper has his separate cabin and a toilet, entered from the deck. A great choice with our bigger boats is that they all have owner’s version options. This means that we literally remove the wall between the two bow cabins, and you get a huge master cabin. It’s priceless for couples. As for the outside area, all but Vana have a spacious bathing platform at the stern; there is a comfortable seating area both outside and inside, and there are 2 or 3 heads (toilets with shower) plus a fully equipped kitchen.

-If you are on a lower budget- no problem, you can always choose one of our smaller boats. This way you save on the boat price and also on overnight prices in marinas, since most of them charge by length. Our smaller boats are also fully equipped and really beautiful, so you'll be happy for sure.

-If you are one of those that

follow the motto ‘the more- the merrier’- no worries again. You won’t have problems with getting used to being on a boat with a lot of people, as long as you are close to each other, practical and easy-going. But you are on holiday- who has time to be complicated anyway?! It will take you a day to get used to the space organization, and that’s it! You’ll start feeling safe and comfortable and our boat will soon start being like home.

-Assuming you are not planning to sail the boat yourself (or you wouldn’t be reading this :) ), plan a cabin for your skipper.

-Finally, whether there are just two or ten of you, whether you are on a high or low budget, if your roommate snores, if you are with your best friend or with your mother-in-law, you'll have a great time for sure. Just chill and enjoy :)


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