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COVID-19  *2023*

isolation on a boat

With a private sailing boat charter, you get maximum of the vacation experience with minimum risk. It is only you and your close ones on the boat, and you choose how much contact with the rest of the world you want.

The highest standards of cleaning and disinfection make our boats a safe environment for carefree everyday life.

Vitamin D that we acquire daily by being in the sun, is crucial for building up our immune system. Combine it with all the vitamins and minerals you get from the healthy local food, and you have a recipe for a healthy life.

Social distancing is implied and natural when sailing, and for the necessary contacts, we found perfect solutions. The check-in and check-out are done on the boat, outside, so no need to wait in lines surrounded by other people. We all wear masks and avoid unnecessary contact- everything we can to make you safe.

Reservations and bookings for season 2023 are now open!

With money-back guarantee

Although at the moment you might be reluctant to commit to a next year's holiday with all the uncertainties of everyday life, don’t you think it might be just what you need? A ray of light, that something to dream about and look forward to, some optimism that we all live from and need now more than ever?

Great news! Now you can do it without worrying, since with us you get free cancellation or rebooking in case this covid craziness go on. As always- we are flexible, both with payment and with cancellation conditions. So instead of paying half of the boat price for a reservation, now you pay only 25%. And in case that two months before your holiday date things don’t get back to normal, you can get your money back or reschedule for some later time.

We have just gone through a pretty complicated season, the most demanding one since we started this business, and we are completely aware and full of understanding for all the concerns you might have. Contact us and together we will work out the best possible solution for everyone!

isolated restaurant

Just a few reminders why a sailing holiday is the perfect holiday, now more than ever!

  • We, humans, no matter our age, race, sex, social status etc. are SOCIAL creatures. It is in our nature to spend time with other people and to want to meet and learn more about other, unfamiliar things and places. That is why this craziness of 2020/21 is affecting us so much, on so many levels. It is unnatural for us that we can’t freely meet each other and hug each other; that we can’t plan a change of scene for our holiday. Yes, we need our ‘away from home’ time to be able to appreciate more what we have on our return… We all need resetting, relaxing and switching off from everyday life. That is why traveling and vacationing is so important for our mental health. I dare say, it is crucial for the human race as such to find ways to be close to each other again and to travel around freely.

  • What we specialize in are private charters, so it is only you and your favorite people on the boat with you. And if you are hiring a skipper/hostess – they will most likely very soon become your favorite people in Croatia too 😊

  • You decide where you want to go – spend the night in complete isolation in a quiet bay, count the stars, jump in the crystal-clear sea first thing in the morning… or spend the evening in a charming town on one of the islands, have a romantic dinner and a glass (or two) of good wine. Wake up in the morning to the sound of Church bells and watch life go by as you take your first sip of coffee. You have time for everything!

  • Vitamin D is the most popular vitamin this covid-19 season. Have you heard how sunny Croatia is? To get enough of vitamin D and strengthen your immune system, you don’t need to sunbathe and fry in the sun all day long. Spending time in the open air, letting the sun warm your arms and legs each day for an hour or so is more than enough.

  • As all our dear old guests already know, we have always had very high standards when it comes to cleaning our beautiful boats. Now with Covid around, we take even more time for thoroughly airing, disinfecting and polishing our boats. We even got those UV lamps said to be helpful with destroying all known viruses- nothing is too much effort when it comes to keeping you healthy.

  • We avoid unnecessary risks of being in closed space, so the check-in, check-out and paperwork are done on the boat, in the open air of the cockpit. No need for you to come to the office- when you need us, you just give us a call (with our boat’s mobile), and we’ll be there in no time. We wear masks, keep our distance and regularly disinfect our hands and office supplies. As for your arrival at the marina- no worries there, since all the taxi drivers and transfer companies strictly follow all the recommendations by wearing masks and properly disinfecting their vehicles. And one last thing you need to do before setting sail- supermarket shopping for boat supplies. Normally it is quite fun, so you can do it yourself (just as before, we can take you to a supermarket in our car), but if you want to avoid all unnecessary contacts, you can pre-order the food and it will be waiting for you on the boat.

  • The restaurants and bars are doing their part by maintaining high hygienic standards set by our authorities. If you decide to go to restaurants, you’ll probably aim for a place on the terrace where there are much fewer tables now, to ensure proper distancing. You’ll need a mask only when/if going inside, so you can actually have full freedom to enjoy your meal and the only reminder of the covid craziness will be when you see your waiter wearing a mask.

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