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Why choose us

Choose us, our boats and Split. We are really here for you...   

From the very first moment you contact us, our experienced, dynamic and fun little team will be at your disposal to guide and to tailor your sailing vacation to your exact specifications.

First, we carefully listen to every detail of your wishes and desires for your sailing holiday in the Adriatic. Then we work our magic – we are there to give you answers to all the questions, help with suggestions, prepare your trip and all the details, so that everything meets your needs to perfection. Following is the booking process, which is very simple and direct, because you are dealing with us, the boat owners directly. So no misunderstandings, double meanings, unpleasant surprises, hidden costs… it is always one of us at the other end of the line.

Then the real fun begins - we meet you personally in Split, show you our boat, and make sure that everything is as planned and as promised. After you settle down on your boat, Ozren or one of our guys (Deyo, Tomo, Karlo) can give you a ride to a big local supermarket to buy groceries, drinks, supplies, and everything you need for a comfortable and pleasant sailing vacation.

You will be staying on one of our beautiful, fully equipped sailing boats, offering you the highest standard of cleanliness with maximum comfort and safety. All our boats are special for us; we put in a lot of love, effort and time, to make each one of them warm and hospitable, making you feel like you are at home, even though you are far away from home.

During the check-in procedure, Deyo or Tomo will show you all the important details about the boat, and give you many useful tips. Or, if you are taking one of our skippers, they will show you everything you need to know so that you can feel comfortable and completely relaxed. Ozren and Ivana will give you suggestions about the best places to go from their own lifetime experience of sailing in this area. Julie and Jope are there to do the paperwork with you (a 5 minute, hassle free procedure, done on your boat- again, no waiting in line in the sun in front of some office), inform you on expected weather conditions, take family photos of all of you happily on the boat and assist you in every other way they can. You will also get the boat's mobile phone with a Croatian pre-paid sim card so you can call us any time you need help, have some questions, or if you just want to tell us how much fun you are having.

And finally, on your return, we wait for you in our marina to check that everything was ok, and even more- to see huge smiles on your faces- this part is what actually gives us so much energy to work harder year after year…

Anyway, year after year we are thinking of new things we could do to make our guests even more happy. Some things, like weather, crowds, delayed flights… we can do nothing about. But when we can help- we do it! 

As for our beautiful and ancient city, Split is really a great place to start your sailing trip from. It is very conveniently positioned in the middle of the Dalmatian coast providing easy access to all the most interesting islands. And we are well connected to the rest of the world by our international airport, with more airlines every year choosing it as their new top destination.

If you decide to spend some time in Split (the best would maybe be returning on Friday night, so that you can be more relaxed in the morning for your check out), we are here to help you get around; to tell you where to walk, sightsee and shop, what and where to eat and drink; what is going on in the city centre, where to have coffee, where the best parties are…

For all this, there is not a lot you need to do- just tell us everything: your wishes, expectations, concerns; ask any question that comes to your mind at any time; and put your trust in our experience, our hard work and immense love we have for our boats, our country and our dear guests :)

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