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Crew or no crew!


Dear lifetime sailors, sometime sailors and first-time sailors – whoever you are, we have something for you!

In case you are an experienced sailor and plan to do a bareboat charter – you just need a sailing licence that is valid in Croatia and a VHF licence of any kind. We are here for everything else. Oz has been sailing in our seas his whole life, so you can talk to him at the check-in, or you can contact him before you arrive and make some rough plans about where to go and what to do. And during your sailing week, you can use the boat’s phone with a Croatian pre-paid card so you can call us any time you need help, suggestions, ideas, where to eat, where to anchor…

If you are a sometime sailor and want to both take part in sailing but also sit back and relax and enjoy in the ‘best of’ our beautiful coast without any obligations and responsibility, or if you are a first-time sailor – you can hire one of our skippers. In the past years of being in the sailing business and our whole lives in sailing in general, we have gathered a group of amazing skippers – they are our friends and a significant part of our sailing family. They are out on the sea every year, season after season, so they know the hidden places, the secluded bays, the local people, the amazing local food and wine, the historical little villages; they know where to go, what to do... and so much more! What most of our guests do is talk to their skipper at the check-in, let him know kind of holiday they are looking for, if there are some places they already have their eye on, and he knows exactly where to go, always giving them different options to choose from.

If you also need a vacation from cooking, tidying up, washing the dishes, grocery shopping… a hostess might be a perfect addition to your crew. She is there to make your stay on the boat even more relaxing and carefree. She prepares and serves breakfast, snacks, light lunches, does the washing up, keeps the boat tidy, does the shopping… and in the evenings, most of our guests decide to go on a culinary adventures on the islands, exploring some of the amazing local restaurants and taverns, so you are fully covered.

If you would like breakfast, lunch and dinner on the boat, three course meals and someone who keeps the kitchen tidy, without going out to eat – than a cook is what you are looking for.

We believe that the choice of the right crew for each one of our sailing groups is one of the most important things to make your vacation perfect, since through their effort, knowledge, smiling attitude and professionalism you meet the 'living Croatia', as it really is. That is why we always put a lot of effort into matching you with the perfect crew, depending on what kind of vacation you are looking for, and what kind of a group you are. You’ll just need to tell us some things about yourselves, and what kind of a sailing holiday you have in mind. The rest you can without worries leave to us…

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