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2024 Summer Season is ON!






Dear guests, friends of the sea, welcome to our sailing family!

It doesn't matter how old you are, if you are travelling with your friends, family and children or alone; if you have extensive sailing experience or you have never been on a boat before...
Sailing in Croatia is safe and possible for everybody! We are here to help you organize a holiday to remember, to guide you from the beginning until the very end of this unique vacation in our beautiful country!


When preparing our sailing boats for charter, we think about every single detail that can make your stay as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Our yachts are equipped with everything you might need during your sailing holiday, both in summer and winter time. We are the owners of our boats, so they are perfectly maintained and kept with a lot of love and personal attention. You can choose between 3, 4, 5 or 6 cabins, owner versions, extra skipper cabins, luxury or budget friendly options- no matter what your requirements are, you will find comfort, enjoyment and safety on one of our dear boats!

Now, check them all out with only one thing in mind: whichever one you choose, you won't make a mistake :)

Our Boats

Sailing in Croatia

​With its 1.185 island, islets and cliffs and innumerable secret bays, Croatia is both a challenge and a favourite destination for sailing enthusiasts, but the typical Mediterranean charm, calm winds and turquoise waters, make Dalmatian Islands an unforgettable yacht charter holiday destination for everybody!

It doesn't matter how old you are, if you are travelling with your friends, family and children or alone, if you have extensive sailing experience or you have never been on a boat before... Sailing in Croatia is safe and possible for everybody!


Why choose us

Choose us, our boats and Split. We are here for you...   
From the very first moment you contact us, our experienced, dynamic and fun little team will be at your disposal to guide and to tailor your sailing vacation to your exact specifications.

First, we carefully listen to every detail of your wishes and desires for your sailing holiday in the Adriatic. Then we work our magic – we are there to give you answers to all the questions, help with suggestions, prepare your trip and all the details so that everything meets your needs to perfection. Following is the booking process, which is very simple and direct, because you are dealing with us, the boat owners directly. So no misunderstandings, double meanings, unpleasant surprises, hidden costs… 

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Crew or no crew!

Dear lifetime sailors, sometimes sailors and first-time sailors – whoever you are, we have something for you!

In case you are an experienced sailor and plan to do a bareboat charter – you just need a sailing licence that is valid in Croatia and a VHF license of any kind. We are here for everything else. Oz has been sailing in our seas his whole life, so you can talk to him at the check-in, or you can contact him before you arrive and make some rough plans about where to go and what to do. And during your sailing week, you can use the boat’s phone with a Croatian pre-paid card so you can call us any time you need help, suggestions, ideas, where to eat, where to anchor…


Winter sailing

If you are an adventurous type, do something different on winter vacations!

Escape from crowded, grey and damp everyday life and spend some time in nature. Therapeutic sea wind will treat your body and soul, while colours and life of Dalmatia work on all your senses; offering delicious food to taste, spectacular sunsets to see, waves and seagulls to hear...

When on a boat, you live in complete accordance with nature; you are one with the sea, feeling the wind in your hair and sun on your face.


Sailing with kids

So, you are probably wondering - how is it even possible to share a sailing experience with your children and at the same time feel safe and relaxed…

We can’t say this question isn’t quite often and also very much in place - not just for safety reasons but also out of fear that kids might feel trapped on the boat and become impossible, looking for constant attention and amusement.

Long story short: as parents, sailors and experienced charterers, we can honestly say – kids love boats!


Welcome to Dalmatia!

Dalmatia, arguably the most beautiful region of Croatia, is a paradise for holiday makers because in its quite small territory it comprises many diverse aspects of our tourist offer.


Situated along the south-east coast of clear, warm and tame Adriatic Sea, protected from cold inland climate by mountain region of Velebit, Dalmatia has really got the best of what Mediterranean represents.


The diversity and distinctive natural characteristics of this territory have attracted people since ancient times, resulting in long tradition of life both in the coastal and island area. From prehistoric caves, first Greek settlements and Roman towns, to medieval communes...


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